CellVista SLIM Pro

Highest resolution quantitative phase microscope. Ever.

CellVista SLIM

CellVista SLIM Pro
Highest resolution quantitative phase microscope. Ever.
Phi Optics


About Us

Phi Optics Inc was founded in 2009 to respond to market’s request for QPI enabled devices. Our company is developing the next generation of optical imaging systems through its Quantitative Phase Imaging Platform. Phi Optics platform is aimed at augmenting conventional optical microscopy in various vertical markets. Backed by an extensive patent portfolio secured both through in-licensing and continued developments at Phi Optics, the company is targeting applications in life sciences, medical diagnostics, nanotechnology, and semiconductor testing.

Phi Optics technology platform uses standard tools and processes and combines the performance of traditional modalities of an light microscope (e.g. fluorescence, DIC, phase contrast) with the real-time 3D topography capabilities of QPI. This combination offers a significant advantage for applications that require low-cost, fast and accurate imaging of nanostructures.

Spatial Light Interference Microscopy (SLIM)


Phi Optics SLIM quantitatively measures dry mass, height and refractive index of live samples


SLIM provides a label-free imaging method for live cells, free from phototoxicity or photobleaching


SLIM records as fast as 15 fps at full camera frame (5.5 megapixels) and displays them real-time


SLIM is compatible with most major brand microscopes and overlays with all other channels

Introducing CellVista SLIM Pro

Check out our new video introducing Phi Optics CellVista SLIM Pro!

QPI of unlabeled live cells

The microscope’s incubation system and the minimal light damage from the white-light source make Phi Optics SLIM a perfect imaging system for studying unlabeled live cells as they function and grow.

3D tomography of live cells

Phi Optics SLIM helps you look inside the cell in 3D without staining. Combined with the live cell imaging capacity, SLIM now allows for a dynamic imaging of live cells in 3D.

Selected publications

cell growth

M. Mir, et al., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 108 (32), 13124 (2011)

tissue scanning

S. Sridharan, et al., Scientific Reports,  5, 9976 (2015)


T. Kim, et al., Nature Photonics, 8, 256-263 (2014)