Yi Wang,1,2 Mikhail E. Kandel,1,3 Michael J. Fanous,1,4 Chenfei Hu,1,3 HsuanYu Chen,3 Xiaoxu Lu,2 AND Gabriel Popescu1,3,4, *
Optics Letters, Vol. 45, No. 6 2020


Differential phase sensitive methods, such as Nomarski microscopy, play an important role in quantitative phase imaging due to their compatibility with partially coherent illumination and excellent optical sectioning ability. In this Letter, we propose a new system, to the best of our knowledge, to retrieve differential phase information from transparent samples. It is based on a 4f optical system with an amplitude-type spatial light modulator (SLM), which removes the need for traditional differential interference contrast (DIC) optics and specialized phase-only SLMs. We demonstrate the principle of harmonically decoupled gradient light interference microscopy using standard samples, as well as static and dynamic biospecimens.

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