Phi Optics patented technology – Spatial Light Interference Microscopy (SLIM) – employs optical interferometry for extreme sensitivity to structure and dynamics. Phi Optics implements SLIM as an add-on to all major brand optical microscopes (10X to 100X magnifications) and overlays with fluorescence. It connects via C-mount and uses the white-light illumination source of the microscope.

Phi Optics SLIM 02_small
CellVista SLIM on a ZEISS Axio Observer microscope

Phi Optics technology provides:

  • Real-time quantitative phase imaging and display
  • Non-invasive, label-free cell and tissue imaging on broad time scales (seconds to weeks)
  • Programmed 2D and 3D scanning for large area 2D SLIM maps and 3D SLIM images
  • Seamless overlay with other microscopy channels
  • Quick and easy segmentation of cells

Applications include:

  • Cell growth
  • Cell dynamics
  • 3D tomography
  • Neuroscience
  • Blood testing
  • Tissue imaging