Andreas Vasdekis

Andreas Vasdekis, PhD. Department of Physics, University of Idaho

“The SLIM system has high value and will support future research and publications. We feel comfortable with it what it is doing for us. We are very thankful for the excellent Phi Optics customer service. Catalin replies to email questions immediately, often within minutes. I would be happy to refer others to consider SLIM.”

Eliciting the impacts of cellular noise on metabolic trade-offs by quantitative mass imaging

AE Vasdekis, H Alanazi, AM Silverman, CJ Williams… – Nature communications, 2019

Alex Valm

Alex Valm, PhD. Department of Biological Sciences, University at Albany

“The SLIM system has demonstrated exquisite contrast in our images of live cells, allowing us to easily identify subcellular structures and track their movements with high fidelity.  The customer service at Phi Optics is excellent and Catalin has been very helpful with both intellectual and practical guidance.  I recommend my colleagues consider SLIM for live cell imaging applications.”

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