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Our new website architecture is application driven to get you to relevant info faster.

We are excited to announce our new website,! Check out SLIM and GLIM and the various applications for the customers we serve, biological researchers and biopharma R&D. Acquire mass and volume information in real time with label-free, quantitative imaging for live cells, assays, tissues and organoids.

For cells, assays and cultures, SLIM (Spatial Light Interference Microscopy) provides 4D quantitative, real-time and non-destructive imaging of live cell cultures, microorganisms (mycoplasma), and reconstituted protein solutions. See our new Particle Analysis application.

For tissues, organoids and embryos, GLIM (Gradient Light Interference Microscopy) provides quantitative, high resolution 3D tomography of optically thick specimens such as cell aggregates, 3D organoids, brain slices, embryos, and model multicellular organisms.

Phi Optics is a leader in quantitative phase imaging (QPI.) For more information, check out our website or contact us at

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