3D imaging of live specimens using SLIM & GLIM

New 3D imaging products from Phi Optics will provide deeper insights for cancer, diseases, in-vitro fertilization, Neuroscience and more. The technique is called Quantitative Phase Imaging, and Phi Optics is among the pioneers in the field. We’ve been producing label free non-destructive microscope modules since 2014, when we announced our Spatial Light Interference Microscopy (SLIM.) Our new module is called Gradient Light Interference Microscopy (GLIM.) GLIM enables Widefield 3D Tomography of optically thick structures. GLIM suppresses multiple scattering contributions to provide remarkable contrast of thick objects. GLIM itself is label-free technique, but it can be overlaid seamlessly with other channels such as fluorescence microscopy, allowing more flexibility with your research. To learn more, check out the recent article from Imaging & Microscopy magazine: https://www.imaging-git.com/science/light-microscopy/3d-imaging-live-specimens

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