Mature human neurons grown from progenitor cells (M. Mir, T. Kim, A. Majumder, M. Xiang, R. Wang, S. C. Liu, M. U. Gillette, S. Stice and G. Popescu, Label-free characterization of emerging human neuronal networks, Scientific Reports, 4, 4434 (2014))


Spatial Light Interference Microscopy (SLIM) is suitable for studying Neuroscience. The non-invasive live cell imaging provides a viable environment for fragile neurons and neuronal stem cells, which are very susceptible to damages from temperature, chemicals, and light. The speed of SLIM acquisition is capable of detecting the transport between neurons, and the wide field of view is capable of imaging the formation of a neuronal network. Therefore, SLIM provides an environment where neurons can be studied at both single cell level and population level.


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