Blood testing

Combining SLIM with an amplitude microscopy modality adds accuracy to the measurements of cell thickness and refractive index(M. Mir, K. Tangella and G.Popescu, Blood testing at the single cell level using quantitative phase and amplitude microscopy, Biomed. Opt. Exp., 2 (12), 3259 (2011))


Spatial Light Interference Microscopy (SLIM) can be used for blood testing. SLIM has a capability to measure the red blood cell (RBC) thickness, which provides reliable means to infer the condition of the RBCs. The parameters available from SLIM analysis of RBCs include: perimeter, projected area, circular diameter, surface-area, volume, sphericity, eccentricity, minimum height, maximum height, mean height, minimum cylindrical diameter, circularity, integrated density, kurtosis, skewness and variance. When combined with regular bright-field imaging for absorption, SLIM can also infer the information regarding hemoglobin concentration as well.


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